Dancing Our Unity

Tribal as we need to be

To magnify the energy

Dancing til the dawn and then still on

This modern fusion of ancient tradition

Now gathering around a fire of new electronic frequency

Then animal pelts aiding in the primal movements ecstasy

Now inflating each nights ceremony with a vigor and new vice

Then ceremonial journeys filled with visions of their own device

Now the occasional crafty creation assembled by aid of shortcut tricks

Then a basket slowly woven necessary for survival homes out of sticks

Now the fringe of the moment flashy cheap components blood diamond divas

Then leather from your brother beaded art from mother Turquoise for believers

Explore the White Buffalo Woman’s story

Never on a journey towards her glory

Only uniting the minds and respect

Sending the oblivious takers on reject

Continue to a place of honor and pride

Earth will come in sync when we are unified



layers of an onion

as each layer peels back

another lesson is revealed

feels like a heart attack
when you ignore my appeal
trying so hard to not
say the last word
if only you knew where i was at
when only a text message was heard
now you ignore my goodnight
and i might as well not exist
don’t understand your plight
belittling me makes it all persist
there used to be a brightness
that broke when i was blamed
it dulled when i was ditched
and turned off when i felt ashamed
now i know that i don’t make progress
when i think of what i do not want
how is it that it feels i regress
unless i release all those things that haunt
who knew there was still pain there
i thought i really didn’t let myself care
then suddenly i am transported back beware
the feelings weren’t exactly encouraging in that layer
so step up the attitude
pull the old pages out
add new pages of gratitude
get a mantra to shout
let the old stuff be dead now
and remember the good
it has all found its way somehow
in the way that it should
sometimes i just wish that ol onion
didn’t bring about so many tears
makes a pain inside my head
that blocks off my longing ears
natural antiseptic
calm down what felt so hectic
i can finally sleep instead of being fetal on the floor
tonight i will dream of an adventure once more
i believe.


Exactly What I Wished For

Every single day was a dream

In every way it kinda seemed

Like every bad play could be redeemed

So easily

Then the dream came crashing down

Feet flipped up head hit the ground

And the silence screamed with sound

That I could not believe

How could this heart repair

The dream had turned into despair

There’s no one that could compare

With  you

So I wished you back again

We wed and there you were my friend

Still I could only feel that end

From before

Retrain my corrupted mind

Don’t leave any part behind

And through the tears to me be kind

Here we go

overcome abandonment

Experience the…


Now I am free

Seems backwards to me

I am now free from the chase

Are you caged in this place

To me it is real security

Somehow so comfy

1+1 turned into 3



Ever not recognize

The true prize

It can be in disguise

If only I were so wise

To see every threatening demise

As the true glimpse into my eyes

Surely there have been some lies

What is the point of all these cries

Release and move to the other side

Resist temptation to turn and hide

Revolt the onsetting of foolish pride

Experience the…

other side.

Go ahead and leave but you'll come back you always come back



Make It Happen

Figure it out

While en route

Action so stout

It becomes a brut

Leave behind

Waiting to know

Time to find

Solutions as I go

Forget everyone

But me for a while

Remember this is fun

Find that deep down broken smile

Mend the cracks

Feel the warmth glow

Stop fighting back

Only I need to know

What makes me tick

Cuz this is my life too

Get to take my pick

Because my heart is true

zapping with a lightning bolt