Somethings grow

Somethings we just know

Somethings are down low

And sometimes there aren’t enough rhymes

To fully capture all the paradigms

Because those who think they know

Have nowhere left to go

When they believe there is no time to grow

Who am I to say though

Cuz for me it’s this journey flying solo

With a lil man to explain all this flow

And we will journey across this earth

Every morning is our beautiful rebearth

And the money is never what holds worth

Experience is that which has fundamental girth

These words chase each other down a page

Finally I traded for my health, let go of all the rage

The gypsy will still never fall for a cage

So let her fly free in the sky like a sage

Shaman isn’t a title I need

I will journey as me at warp speed

Only “society’s stability” will hold be back

All I need is what fits in my backpack

“It’s time to fly” as they say in hook

Mind absorbed in a solid Coehlo book

Keep dreaming big and this world will feel shook

Moving forward, now is bliss, backwards not the place to look




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