If motion becomes emotion

Then how does the ocean

Still stir my hearts commotion

At the same time it is the womb’s healing potion

Association to lost love’s my own painful devotion

Time has come to burn that feather and transform my self demotion

Winds of change create new storms and the lightning holds for me a new promotion

My own belief is the key to my relief and the chief of my tribal primal new notion

Matters not from where I descend

Where I start or where I end

The earth’s simplicity is what I commend

A bird’s message through a graceful ascend

Hope up around each and every road’s bend

New beginnings each moment for life’s a delicate friend

In an instant it can be taken so I appreciate every breath I get to attend

Darkness slips in and I have to say thank you

Without the dark I would be fake and a blank too

There’s fire in this shot cuz passion goes both ways, it’s true

If I only lived in a smile then my world would be an acted view

Murcielago my dearest friend of the night flying erratically always new

Because we don’t have to see or speak to know what we are flying into

Feeling and listening are the emotions that for me ring true

Give up the notion of time pressure that’s so gross n’ that is only validating the aging brew

I have a feeling the fountain of youth is simply quenching my thirst upon the morning dew

There will come a time when a foot in each realm still

Will allow me both wings and gills where I have chosen to be at the helm of my own will

And the journey is the best part of the right now, here I am, red or blue pill

If I choose no pill at all will my fantasy be as beautiful as the one I hope to fulfill

Creating all of these images in my mind that don’t seem to translate through any quill

There are these keys that fingers dance upon creating images of words that evoke a momentary thrill

And in a flash all could be backlash with a tidal splash or a single crash or the facing of a trains grill

Stranger things have happened and some of life’s legends are the lessons that will spill

Into the future

Sew up that heart with a suture

Time to look at what is right in front of me now

It isn’t about what has shaped me or the future somehow

When I always used to believe it needed explanation

There is comfort in these words without expectation

Maybe they will never even get read

It’s ok…it’s my own daily bread

What feeds my soul is for me to enjoy

And the words can and will become my toy

I will drink up some earth potion

And let motion become my emotion



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