Kitten and a Bear

Guess that makes me a Kare

Better beware

Cuz heartstrings permanently go nowhere

And suitors have a flare

You may need a rescue out of there

My heart is an endless sea of love

You’d think that was a gift from up above

Feels more like a curse that could crash even a dove

Always lend a helping hand even if there is no glove

Protection only for others who get what they want with a verbal shove

Of course a bear cannot be bullied or persuaded

Only interested in protecting her young and hibernating when the sun has faded

She will attack only if pushed to the point, let’s not act like she’s jaded

Catching all her own fish in the river where she taught her cub who waded

Known for her honor and her strength and the others she’s aided

Then there is that soft little kitty cat

She will lure you in with her purr right off the bat

And she loves to cuddle and share love just like that

Then she gets feisty when the night comes and may seem like a brat

She is just training for when she’s full grown and will hunt no matter where you are at

There is a balance to all

No desire to brawl

Every animal has its call

And its moment to fall

Taking action without stall

Instincts are survivals best friend

Loyalty til the end

Never ever pretend

Let another’s heart mend

If you took what they did not send

And the bear will only attack when you cross the line

The kitty will be cuddly and sweet no matter what’s on your mind

Every truth in your heart you will eventually find

If you listen for long enough the silence is only awkward for the undefined

No matter what…there is no rewind.

kitten and bear


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