Friends Rock

How blessed are we

To share sadness and glee

With Friends

How important to know

That no matter where we go

We have friends

What a gift to receive

Words from those who believe

We are connected

Such a comfort to reach out

And someone understands why we shout

There is loyalty

And how much fun is it to share the happy stuff

While someone laughs along and can’t get enough

Friends share love

When it seems like we are all alone

Guarantee you aren’t the only one in that zone

Somewhere, there is a friend

While being alone is perfectly ok

How cool is it to share a day

Beside a friend

So for no reason at all send somebody love

They will feel it from up above

Be that friend

Share a story with a stranger that makes them smile

Sit down patiently with an elderly person once in a while

Extend that hand

We are all in this game or story or dream together

We all have ups and downs no matter what the weather

How wonderful that we have friends 🙂

hands around world


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