Little Ones

All the little ones

Have the most fun

Little hands and feet

See everything as neat

Fast run instead of walk

They find new ways to talk

Creative in every possible way

Understand more every single day

So rational about how to treat each others

Enjoy how much they love having sisters and brothers

When there is noone to talk to they know to talk to an animal

Always believing in the worlds good and having such a good handle

Through thick and thin, good and bad, light and dark they are optimists

Words of great wisdom to speak with the multi-tasking skills  of an octopus

Exquisite kindness for every walk of life and ability to talk to any type of human

Growing stronger, brighter, wiser,  learning from every single thing they are doin

Absolutely confident in their ability to create music and love to move and dance

Creating their own opportunities in everything so they get their own chance

Logical explanations for the most obvious little things that occur

Moving so fast that sometimes the day can become a blur

Each and every detail of life becomes a new game

Every day new no two moments are the same

Life is such a mystery and full of love

Aware of birds flying up above

Keeping life exciting

Always inviting

Little ones




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