In Just A Click

If you could hit a button

And go fast forward through the rough stuff…

Would you?

Avoiding the moments of glutton

You would avoid all of the tough stuff…

Wouldn’t you?

Or would you miss the moments of greatness

Those defining moments that shape us

And skip the lessons that make us

Wouldn’t you?

If you could be on a journey with a rewind

Going back would help ease your mind…

Wouldn’t it?

With just a flick of the wrist

You could redo the thing that you missed…

Wouldn’t you?

Or would that just delete the thing that shaped you

That which made you stronger to help get you through

Maybe that love left so that you could start a love that’s new

Didn’t it?

If you could pause this moment

Be the only one with moving components…

Would you?

It would be so cool to be the only one able to do

Then again, is it real if you only get to share with you…

Is it?

Maybe everyone around might feel like living

But what is the point if you are the only one giving

And noone is in motion to share the moments of bad and forgiving

How does this serve you?

What about the precious now

It is the gift somehow

Even if it feels so hard

There is a gift dealt in every card

Be it a 4, a 2, or a 6

Remember to always find your kicks

Cuz it wouldn’t be the same if you held life’s clicker

Never need to know when it’s time for your ticker

Keep on keepin on and it will all work out

We don’t get to choose and there is no space for doubt

It could be daunting if we choose to let it

And we could stay ignorant if we choose to forget it

As the mandala teaches, nothing is ever permanent

So remember there is faith so go firm in it

Believe in whatever it is you believe

And your truth is there to remind you don’t leave

There are new gifts around every corner

Open your eyes and feel the honor

Awareness is all you really need, forget words

Spread your wings and fly free with the birds

juggling time


One thought on “In Just A Click

  1. A clicker for life, oh what a thought. As fun as it might sound I think I would get caught up surfing around to much. I would take it for a spin if I had a chance then return all back as if it never existed.

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