Attention To The Details

Take a deep breath and slow down my step as I race through each days tasks

Think before creating let go of unnecessary debating only sharing my thoughts if anyone asks

Grow wiser not older and always dare to go bolder shake off the mistakes that built me

Redefine the emotions and submit the commotions of my mind remembering nothing can guilt me

Best as I can be in every moment there is never rest for the moving components let them work at their optimal function

Reconfigure the bullshit every opportunity to recommit is my chance to reunite love’s conjunction

Mastery is a conspiracy of eccentricity that my mind told me cuz learning is constant

Student oh so prudent and definitely placing a new dent in this control cuz it isn’t real until I have lost it

Nothing is mine only borrowed in time and there will always be a rhyme to guide me to the next understanding

Everything is a gift helping spirits to lift or possibly drift into the darkness I am innately demanding

Balancing the pain and pleasure where is that freakin buried treasure when I know it must be right here with me

Trip out for my mind searching so hard to find makes me see that I am blind it will take an eternity

Revel in this right now shut up and bliss the how cuz I won’t miss the wow if I listen to the art of journeying and creation

Choose my own adventure ultimately  escape the shackles of indenture write a story with a clencher and increase the vibration

Beat a djembe drum and dance to my own hum there are new heartstrings to strum and they play enchanting melody

Exquisite tones of the soul or a crystal sound bowl and the remembering of my goal with ignite my kundalini

Expect nothing and let go of bluffing cuz the answers are all theory from a tough thing that someone had an opinion about

Give myself to no one and embrace my own fun and share the love I’ve won by playing a game of writing this dreamy story out

Every person’s truth is right cuz at the end of the night their world gets to be their own personal delight, we each have one

Examine my own progress and never let the learning regress cuz this process can be pretty freakin fun



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