Head Overflowing

The action my mind takes

Creates a result my body makes

Allow my head to get ideas to the point of being bogged

My sinus will follow with a function that is clogged

Shows me how true manifestation is

Gratitudes of what hasn’t happened yet will bring me to bliss

Seeing potential around every corner

Believing in love instead of being a warner

There is experience in my life, not on a lame resume

Validity in my words because I have lived every thing that I say

Confidence in my walk because I accept who I am

Now to control those thoughts and only take what I can

Focus on the simplicity of executing the choices that help me find my path

For now instead of the ocean, I will be happy with a bubble bath

Until I get to my jungle, I will enjoy the tall dancing pines

Before I learn to surf, I will allow yoga to ease my mind

Right now is enough and there is an ultimate gift being mom to an angel

Tomorrow’s answers will come and there does not need to be an angle

Head To Head



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