We Are All In This Together

It is cool to be reminded

That we are all in this together

We are all human beings undefined and

Our personalities change just like the weather

Every person questions themselves at some point

There are always things we can do other’s aren’t able

The things we admire in another person’s joint

Simple reminders of elements we will add to our table

This is also the compliment of one human to another

Why not help fill in each other’s blanks

There is help amongst sister and brother

And partnership’s formed correctly do not have to tank

Instead of looking for a mirror image of ohmygosh me too

There can be that balance of I don’t get that at all

Since I don’t know I will leave that to you

Then if you slip, I will not let you fall

The yin and yang is a real deal life motto

Two alpha wild people might break the pack

Even though sharing the same lifestyle of auto

There has to be one to dream and one to pick up the slack

So find that yang to your yin or vice versa

There may be an unexpected answer headed your way

Sometimes an animal, a place, or a little person

Will be the balance that creates a balance in every new day

We're All In This Together




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