Love Is Real…I Gotta Believe

How is it that movies make love seem so attainable?

There is a twisted plot, a chance, then not, and suddenly love is sustainable.

Twists and turns leading to hearts that burn…but burns suck and don’t go away.

Thin line between love and hate leave it up to fate…what’s with all the negative love associations anyway?

Whatever happened to the disney fairytale I used to think was real, lined with a white picket fence?

With all the dragons I slay there must be some kind of love hunting hero inside me never relents.

Now when I get the opportunity to love, I sure do hope I don’t accidentally kill it with too much attention.

Cuz hunting sure does imply the death of something, so I will say that I am open to partnership’s invention.

I get no copyright on this life partner plight, it sure does feel brand new to me though.

I gotta believe that there is a match for me and that the seed of love’s fire will grow.



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