Language Of Life

Speaking with hands is a language without words

Step it up and conjugate a thousand different verbs

Now new worlds open and the world seems a bit smaller

Understanding foreign conversations helps me stand a bit taller

Speaking with eyes is a communication all it’s own

Step it up and refine an accent now my expression has grown

Express with voice fluctuation and use that accent to add some punch

Comprehending new vibrations and translating to avoid assumptions hunch

Speaking with body language is a guaranteed tell

Have the vocabulary to back it up and surely I will do well

Creating sentences in the right tense, with confidence, and have presence

While my body language holds it’s own the palabras flow with no offense

Speaking with tonal changes can be powerful or can be rough

Sometimes it challenges my diaphragm to know when enough is enough

Deep breath and watch the content because with passion comes intensity

Make sure my audience is aware that the words aren’t personal, it’s just me

Speaking without speaking is one of the best ways to speak in the world

Our very essence communicates from the moment our little bodies are unfurled

We speak by noises, motions, and connection, through understanding we could eliminate strife

Through music, motion, and truly hearing we are speaking the language of life



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