Grow Up

Old habits die hard

Or maybe not at all

Pick another card

4 of diamonds don’t fall

Build a new foundation

Stack up the cement blocks

Every day is creation

Each improvement totally rocks

There is magic in the process

Why do I always feel like travel

Clean up the ultra hot mess

When the mind starts to unravel

Hit the road, the sky, the sea

I am on my way to everywhere

Live my life for me

Take the lil guy cuz he jams without a care

Unexpected destinations

Ignite the curiosity within

Expand past this united nation

To places unfindable by a map’s pin

Who says this life is real

I would like to tell them my truth

Dreams are ongoing that is my deal

I will do my best to remain couth

Or maybe sometimes I won’t

And then I will meet another pirate

I will take his ship and say don’t

When he thinks I will submit

Tie him up and take his jewels

Return them to their rightful home

Post him up as a silly fool

Then send him in the desert naked to roam

Oh wait I’m supposed to grow up

This fantasy is to unreal

Oh wait remember my dream is enough

There is no growing up only my own deal

I will develop, learn, and reprogram

The faux’s I have mistakenly made

I will accept, see perfection, and love the me I am

While I lounge on a hammock in the shade

I will. I am. I love.


Floating up above

Free as can be

Absolute Freedom or Kaivalya



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