What Does It Take

This same mistake I will not make

He’s Just Not That Into You…damn I wish this book was fake

Quit reaching out for a hand that is not there

Stop being entertainment for a person that does not care

Remember the confidence that is genuinely my own

Leave the confusion behind cuz this clear mind has grown

There is a king out there awaiting his precious queen

I have a fairy tale love awaiting me, a beauty I have not yet seen

It is my destiny to be respected, revered, and loved

Travel adventure and romance will be the wings upon my dove

Flying into blissful goodness my focus stays on my own path

Leave behind the confused heart takers or I will surely feel their wrath

There is promise in being free from waiting on someone to decide

I’m ignoring all the code words that enable them to hide

Taking back the heart I strengthen while learning soulful love’s grand ways

Compassion turns to patience while I enjoy the gift of days




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