Sometimes Doors Close

Doors closing only means new ones will open

People leaving is finally ok instead of me hopin’

For Return

Fix it quick

No more burn

Done with the trick

Paths chosen will surely keep me guessing

Whether or not this journey is a curse or is a blessing

Every day

Things change

Find a way

To rearrange

Change up the old habits that were devastatin’

Trust again as I follow the messenger raven

Walls can come down

Windows are clean

Vision comes around

Build my submarine

Go in search of an allusive version of a  jaguar shark all my own

Find a crew that has commitment and relationships will be regrown

Many adventures

So many have big dreams

Remember the clenchers

And pursue the well planned schemes

Sometimes doors close and that simply lets others open

Keep remembering the space is good and take action as well as hopin’

Still believe

It is up to me to rock it

Dreams to conceive

Keep my future in my pocket



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