Adventure Calls

Across an ocean

Lives loves true potion

Islands full of breeze

The journey crossing all the seas

There are untouched places formed of magma

Reefs with life that silently instill sustainable pragma

Teachers of balance and taking care of our own

Lessons in food chain and the currents unknown

Predictability is only founds in the humans who self loathe

The sea swallows my mental consumption of my lack of betroth

When your partner is mother earth herself

It makes it easy to hop off love’s holding shelf

How long will I play this ridiculous board game of “civilized” life

Waiting to be America’s version of successful and someone’s little wife

When really the adventure is what will serve

And knowing nature is what we all deserve

There is no retirement fund promised in studying the sea

In the way that is playful and free

What if the success is learning to slow down

Appreciating two feet on the ground

Then loving two feet floating and riding a wave

There is only room on this adventure for the brave

When there is will, the way just opens up

Intention’s the valid director so drop the ego and fill that cup

There is only room for a leap of faith into the unknown

When there is the upmost confidence my independence has grown

To a place where I embrace the salty taste of seawater’s grace

So let this journey begin when the time is just as illusive as space

There will be a letting go of even more stuff

Entering a journey where the adventures are never enough

Material stuff matters not when the true point is eternal learning

Carrying the torch of this internal fire passionately burning

Letting me be me and teaching my son the ways of the land

Cultural diversity’s beauty as we all walk hand in hand

Gathering of the tribes used to sound so undoable

Until I realized the only source that is truly renewable

It’s soul ties and community lives and the art held within my soul

Breaking down the barriers that keep me swimming in this fishbowl

This little goldfish is ready to set out to the great sea

Adapt to new waters, grow to scale, and let the winds set me free

Listen to the wind for it tells stories of every land

There is much profit to find the success of ‘I understand’

Verses the bullshit of I made this much money

Cuz that paper ain’t real, it’s so ridiculously funny

No matter how many times I say I am ready to be a cog in this machine

I find that I have such an unpopular version of what is a valuable green

That sweet earth is my fortune, and her waters

Her air and plant life, and her lovely animals alma maters

They sing songs of victory stronger than any jocks who won a sport

Screw the alpha beta gamma “do gooders” of the selfish ego sort

Uh-oh, that was so negative, for that I step back

Judgement isn’t what it’s about, though I seem to have the knack

Time to let go of all that worrying about what others do

And embrace the things that make sense and find something new

Cuz this plan to fit in just ain’t workin’

And the more I try, the more the wheel is jerkin’

Take me off the beaten path, my vessel keeps seeming to say

The feelings grow stronger and stronger each day

It is like every door in this race has slammed shut with no key

And the only open door left is the one inside me

Time to fly, time to bounce, time to swim and to sail

All who wander are not lost as long as they don’t bail

On the ones they love who the path was meant to be shared with

It’s pretty clear now that my lil guy is the answer to my greek myth

Sometimes life partner’s come cleverly disguised

And he and I get to wander unsupervised

It is we who will form this new life’s journey

There is mystery in this travel-sport tourney

Only one’s we are up against are our own fears

So open the trust with the faith and it’s time to switch gears

There will be a miracle revealing our new destination

I will leap into it’s embrace without hesitation

Every moment will be lived to its fullest potential

Welcome adventure’s call and feel the goodness become torrential



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