Planning Is A trip

Freakin A I wonder

Sometimes about my blunder

Be it verbal or be it journey

You may have to remove me on a gurney

Cuz this planning is a trip

Screw these old habits when I flip

Good Lord control my freakin tongue

Time to stop acting so young

Give myself 2 days before pushing send

Give myself 2 weeks before moving again

Make a plan cuz I wanna take a trip

One that is moving not just a short dip

It is time to make up my mind

Home for a while I will find

Cuz nothing is permanent in this life

I may have to move again if there is negative rife

Yeah, I had to look that word up

Sometimes it takes mad research to fill my cup

Even when I think I have progressed so far

I find I need that wish on a star

Even planning a wish can trip me out

Sometimes I have to scream and shout

So much inside when passions are this potent

No one gets this powerful fire in my soul feels unchosen

Maybe in some other life I did choose it

Well then why don’t I know how to use it

Or is it me standing in my own way

For God’s sake woman, find your bright day

Of course that is me talking to myself

At least it wasn’t some imaginary elf

What if I am the only one who will listen

Sometimes I write and I write still somethins missin’

For me, I feel it is the ear of another

Thank goodness for friends who help each other

And gratitude for LOVE who just moved on her dream

She is in the land where I know she will gleam

What an inspiration and a beautiful angel

Bright and shining understanding fire’s angle

Some of us just have more burning inside

Now for me, time to let go of pride

Plan this trip just for me and don’t worry

My due time will be right and I’ll scurry

Right into the dwelling I am meant for

There is so much to do nothing is a bore

Even the journey there is a good thing to enjoy

Especially since I have an awesome little boy

He wakes up in the night and says I love you mama

He is honest and pure without drama

He always has a funny thing to say

Without reusing the same lame jokes every day

He will step up when things get hairy

What a beautiful thing to still find the dark scary

That naivety left me so long ago

Now the dark is the only peace I know

When all the other energies finally stop vibin’

I am able to find my words and start writin’

There isn’t the block of the pains that have hurt me

There is reading and art and I feel free

Why we need sleep sometimes alludes my mind

These bodies we encompass are such a machine

Feels like it could go on forever and ever til I crash out

If I take it too far, then I may lash out

Don’t do it cuz this plan needs a trip

If I am bitter then the whole thing will slip

Time to get on with the show

Soon my paradise I will know

Every day I will live in the green

Seas will show me colors unseen

Get me the paper I am drawing this map

Throw on the flip flops and untie all these straps

I will leave when the timing is right

As for now, I bid you a good night



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