I Have To Admit It’s Getting Better…

Getting better, all the time

Yes, I admit it’s getting better

Since I’ve become mine

Ok…a little cheesy, Beatles helped me start this off

Sometimes my actions are questionable, so I start to scoff

Then I realize I have to make errors to see what works for me

There is only one possible answer, be the best I can always be

Spitting out the negative stuff is only ok into the dirt

If I direct negativity toward someone, then they might get hurt

Or maybe they are totally fine, still I show my bitterness instead of love

That just doesn’t ever work out well, time to give those actions a shove

Push them right out of my life so I can find the positive in all settings

If I get too negative then it is only jaded pain I am projecting

I have to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time

Every single action, every motion, every little rhyme




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