What an ugly state

Spitting out ridiculous words

That only imply self-hate

Looking into a mirror that blurs

Wipe off the steam and recognize hard times

Flip the mirror to magnify and truly see

Sometimes there aren’t enough words in my rhymes

For me to understand how to forgive me

Walking this life as a time bomb of abandonment’s pain

Molten lava in a mountain waiting for its chance to erupt

Finally conquering the hurt and destructive disdain

Transforming this volcano into a sea of lessons that are enough

Passing them is questionable, I have never been four point o

Failure is only for those who don’t learn from their ways

To my dismay there are a few things I had to give a second go

Makes me grateful for the fact that there are always new days

Now my craving is simplicity…in life, in love, in my mind

I’ve over complicated too many things with over-thinking

Taking my dream back and knowing the paradise I will find

When I make it through this quicksand without sinking

No longer needing to figure every detail out

I get to ride this life out like the waves I will surf

There will never be a reason to scream or to shout

Unless it is moments of success and genuine self-worth

Traveling alone was challenging but I somehow made it

Probably due to this little angel who saved me from my fears

Traveling with another challenges me in new ways, I must admit

Not this little man though, he is wise way beyond his years

Seeing life through the eyes of a child shows me how simple it can all be

Even when I complicate things, my poor judgement now has a guard

Anyone who cannot see the beauty of this little boy and his company

Falls to the wayside and at first I told myself accepting that was hard

Now I see the ignorance I expressed in doubting the presence of this little soldier

Because I used to think myself unfit to get to raise such a saint

Then I realized he protects me and teaches me more each day he gets older

Now this amazing new canvas of life stands before us, ready to paint

There is no way I am defined by only one role

That is the beautiful gift of this exploration

In this hibernation I leave behind the troll

Embracing actions that require no explanation

Gypsy, mother, laughing lover

Travel, stay, enjoy each day

Romantic, realist, unrelenting idealist

Exquisite, precise, mostly nice

Fiery, explosive, sometimes compulsive

Adventurer, homemaker, mover and shaker

Grateful, humble, hear a greeting in a bumble

Forgive what has passed

May the good times last

jaguar and cub











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