New Art

Things have a way of working out.

Trusting all the way is the hard part.

Keep on believing those seeds will sprout.

Even when the good times grow further apart.

Right at the end of the rope someone will lend a hand.

Gotta know that hand will be there in that moment of need.

Cleverly disguised in a way that may not seem so grand.

My greatest challenge lies in slowing down being hurried.

All that waiting gives me too much time to think.

When my mind finds woes I now turn to learning instead.

Vision boards and goals of beautiful paradise dreams.

Maintaing forward motion keeping my gaze directly ahead.

While enjoying every moment now and risks that pushed extremes.

No regret for any moment as they all satisfied my desires.

Never have to wonder what if I would have given that my best.

Not a single question if my adventures caused any fires.

Embracing the rewards holding life’s treasures for my bequest.

Subtle gifts that are easy to take for granted in this crazy machine.

It truly is the little things that create the filling of a void.

Self love the most important and appreciating the in between.

The black and white is so much grayer when the boundaries are destroyed.

Create new colors on the wheel with my creative driving force.

Life is simple when there is space to use art’s gift.

There is a learning to each work of art derived from any source.

There is enjoyment in each detail that makes the spirit lift.

New style

Ride it for a while

Time for something new

Ready to renew

Yusimi body art


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