Used to be filled with rage

Shoved into a mental cage

Another takes my choice from me

There is a sickness in this society

Release the pain

Stop the reign

There is no space

For more disgrace

Keep faith in trust

While skepticism is a must

Guard the naive young me

While growing internally

Forgive those who took

Part of my soul like a crook

Sloppy work they did indeed

Cuz I found them and took my pieces back without greed

Could have sought revenge

Instead I bless their dinge

Cuz it must be musty and gross

In a life that involves such a pose

Acting like a person who cares

Then stealing innocence and prayers

Well guess what, my positivity vibes eternally

No matter what you think you do to me

Want my spirit broken?

Well fuck you, I’m no souvenir token.

I’m no one’s for the taking

For the using or the raping

I’m no one’s dishtowel or servant girl

Waiting to make someone else’s toe’s curl

I’m no one’s safe retreat

On a shelf for those who get beat

I’m no one’s punching bag

To get treated like a used up hag

I’m no one’s financial source

Taken advantage of with no remorse

I’m no one’s stupid weekend joke

You can never turn my fire into smoke

I’m no one’s one night stand

Left to feel the back of an emotional hand

I’m no one’s walk of shame

Pointed fingers full of blame

I’m no one’s hidden secret

Ignorant to their ego’s key fit

I’m no one’s wait up all night

And not even put up a fight

I’m no one’s hide me away from your friends

What are you dumb or crazy, the start was the end

I’m no one’s douche bag lame insecure guy practice

Maybe I should show you what it feels like to have your ass kicked

I’m no one’s wait around for me to return

There isn’t shit I have to earn

I’m no one’s burden or responsibility

And no I don’t want your bullshit pity

I’m no one’s here’s your twenty

I earn my own and I’ve got plenty

I’m no one’s you don’t get it

Your insecurity gives you no credit

I’m no one’s to be told I’m worthless unless I sell myself

Not ever, no never, run along now evil worker elf

I’m no one’s you owe me this

Even if it’s sealed with death’s kiss

I’m no one’s you will get this for that

Fuck your negotiation, I’m a human you rat

I’m no one’s your not good enough for anything worthwhile

I can’t believe I made so much effort to make you smile

I’m no one’s too tribal or primal to fit

What a pathetic attempt to take a hit

I’m no one’s crazy

You are just super lazy

I’m no one’s ANYTHING

I am mine and I wear my own ring.

I am mine and I do just fine

And every effort I make put’s my neck out on the line

Never to any more losers

Any wannabe’s or any boozers

I am always taking care of me now

And this momentum is unlimited somehow

There is no keeping up with this motion

Lost so many along the way but it’s life’s potion

I am my own and I live for this vision

Somehow when I listen there is always provision

And it sure ain’t from the likes of no man

Disguised as this all caring helping hand

There is poison in the likes of those behind me

So many lessons I thank them for kindly

I bless every one of them and send them love

Cuz to be so cruel to another must be from their own hurting shove

And I remember each moment as if it were now

Embracing how I made it out alive somehow

Something bigger than all of this still wants me to hear

And a new purpose keeps coming more and more clear

So to those of you who thought I was yours to destroy

You silly boys, go find some other toy

Only this time see if you can make it something fun instead of hurting a lady

Cuz we run this earth with our love unless you choose to drive us crazy

We need the women of this earth to be revered

So that the men never need to be feared

Cuz if you paid any attention at all to the happy folks

You would see man and woman balance each other with jokes

When man is good woman treats him even better

Then they take care of each other and make this world come together

Sweet continuance and harmony

Such blissful possibility

Stop using us up and being mean

We are part of this living machine

Finally learned it won’t pay to be enraged

Now I’m simply disengaged

fuck-you toes



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