Don’t Let It Pass You By

All in one day there can be the whole gamut.

Best emotions ever then one’s that make me dammit.

Lifetime in an hour, world on a speck.

Enough change to put every single thought I have in check.

Best advice ever, don’t let it pass you by.

Figure out the good stuff to avoid an extra cry.

It is so obvious right in front of us, where is the hang up?

Selfishness and what if I give instead of filling my own cup.

Forgetting to see that beauty in each day.

Simple little lessons from a bird of prey.

Ask my lil man, how did your day go?

It was the best day of my life Mama, didn’t you know?

OF COURSE that is the right answer cuz each day is a new gift.

Advice from an 84 year old and 5 year old’s perspective makes my soul lift.

What a lifetime can be lived, in such a short window of time.

Falconry of the woes, geez I wish one of those birds were mine.

Hunt down the mess that ails me and eat it while it’s still alive.

Leave space for all the good stuff cuz that is when we thrive.

Throw the rules right out the window, no two scenarios are the same.

I am tired of all these boundaries, people with “answers” can be so lame.

We all have a bit of silly in our ways on our own world.

Every single being different on this sphere that’s being hurled.

Through an unknown infinity of unknowingness.

A living show of flashy showingness.

Make it up as you go along with it.

Loosen the seams up if it doesn’t quite fit.

Just remember if your taking someone else out along the way.

At some point that will affect your day.

Maybe not in a way you even see.

That subconscious is a real deal plea.

All that stuff that we think we walk away from.

When we face it stops us from acting so dumb.

Don’t let it pass you by.

This games too short to suffer and cry.

Best day of your life is today.

Don’t hesitate in any way.

risk-polar bear and penguins


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