5 Minutes of Space

Quietly listen to every last word

Hold back reactions that don’t need to be heard

Love the honesty and the truth of someone’s story

There is beauty in knowing the details could never bore me

Never let a moment pass that wonders what if

Every second counts and right now is all there is

Remember how the lessons were a truth you get to hold

Let go of the pain involved there is no progress when we scold

Knowing in my heart is the only way I understand

Validity of what I feel with the connection of a hand

Sharing every experience without being side by side

Have the strength of a lion when I release my jealous pride

Always is in everything, ending is a myth

Carve my drawing into stone cuz one day I get to be a glyph

Just 5 minutes of space can open up a whole new book

Write it, draw it, sing it, worlds of expression in a single look

Sitting back to back so that vibration is the language

Let the words speak for themselves preventing awkward anguish

If we couldn’t hear or speak there would still be love in the air

5 simple minutes of space brings all awareness there

Every day there is a message every way there is a chance

Can’t deny the way the signs fly use their music to create a dance

In a movie it all happens in under an hour and a half

Makes it hard to be patient in the real world, challenging to laugh

All those days in between make 5 minutes look like 5 lives

Wondering and hoping while feeling pains sharper than knives

Show a moment of bravery and wear my heart upon my sleeve

Never give up on a dream because they come true when we really do believe

listening hands



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