Listen To Your Heart

Arrow pointing to a brand new start

Sparrow flying into the great unknown

Free from a cage when true feelings are shown

Modern day wolfman turns to lover by day

Pass out from sleepiness along the way

This night owl will never need to ask who

Stay awake for eternity if it means being with you

Unpredictable outcomes when the times get tough

Sharing these memories knowing love is enough

Believer in fairy tales because they define so many stories

Good always wins in the end and unity celebrates its glories

Everything up until then is usually a disastrous mess

Then finally there is the moment where the girl gets to wear the dress

Opening up a door, pulling a chair, drawing a sword

Chivalry in this world is truly patience’s generous reward

Love is the most powerful potion in the world indeed

There is influence from worldly ways that much prefer greed

Those full of sadness and pain desire company in misery

Beware the sirens of the earth because they don’t want you to be free

Find who you want to be and let cupid’s arrow be the one to fly

Any other arrow will only cause your heart to die

All these fairy tales have changed the process of my mind

Battles and struggles testing love valiantly connected hearts will bind

Hope is real no matter what and dreams really do come true

Only when you listen to your heart will love believe in you

snow white true loves kiss


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