Walk A Mile

In someone else’s shoes

Sing a song that releases the blues

Turn pain into joy through a song

After a day I have worked so long

Don’t expect anything cuz nothin’s what I will get

So tired of being questioned about my respect

I’m grateful beyond belief, just give me a chance to say it

Never good enough for anyone else no matter how I play it

Thank goodness I am good enough for me and my son

Cuz this life is no competition for me happiness means I’ve won

Everyone with all their standards and their greener grass can take a walk

Cuz in their eyes I don’t feel soul and it’s all a bunch of talk

Advise me into your path because it’s the only place you feel safe

Ever think I have my own walk and it may not be the same

Support is not so supportive when it is laden with guilt and constant disapproval

Why is it everyone is always waiting for my immediate removal

Guess I do live in my own little world, at least it’s a beautiful place

I’m fine with it being simple and have no desire to win any rat race

I live in honor, integrity, and respect and I am proud of all I’ve done

It IS enough for me to be me so please quiet criticisms that negatively stun

If I were a duck, it may just wash right off my waterproof back

But I am a human and an empath so negative vibes throw me out of whack

Comfort is an option if only people would choose to love themselves first

Then love would simply ooze and there wouldn’t be bullies or negative outbursts

Sometimes I feel so weary from so many lessons learned each and every day

I love growing and developing, sometimes I do crave growth to be at bay

I want to play and have fun and enjoy this short walk we get on this earth

All this socio-status people have developed here, on my planet has absolutely no worth

What means something is love and how I will share it

I am vulnerable to others, open heart, can you bare it

I feed those who are hungry and help heal with my hands

I dance away this structure’s crazy demands

I make art that makes even one person smile

I run barefoot on the dirt once in a while

I take only what I need nothing more

I never have ever kept any score

I believe love is a feeling not a business

I will strive to do my best in every instance

I will smile and make eye contact always

I will make jokes about being stuck in my hallways

I will choose to enter the room full of doors

I will embrace entering many and fight my own wars

I will remain the delicate geisha that I am

I will balance her with the samurai as I stand

I will be rooted to the earth, never a place

I will follow my own practices to my safe space

I will teach my son from the soul that speaks to my truth

I will accept the humor in my tongue when I’m uncouth

I will create to the best of my ability

I will never talk down cuz I am simply me

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

Then see if your pain turns to joy when you sing their blues

You never know what is inside someone’s mind

Would it hurt so much to always be kind

Take your own anger and pain out of the equation

Shut off your own attempts for selfish persuasion

See the strength in another

Sister or Brother

And shut your mouth if you don’t know

Cuz someone may just perform a show

If you could only sit still for a moment longer

And let them reveal they are stronger

Instead of taking a cheap shot and low blow

I won’t give you my happy as I continue to grow

I will share positivity and hope the best for you

Send you blessings and speak love that is genuine and true

Your negativity will no longer have the power to consume me

I am grown up now, no longer your burden or responsibility

Take your need to control someone elsewhere

Go team up on someone else with your despair

Your bad habits don’t become a single soul

I can’t seem to swim far enough away from your fishbowl

Maybe life won’t be so plush when I do it my way

But I sure do like living happily every single day

So walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

Quit using guilt disguised in subtly disguised clues

Cuz a friend told me something that made my world understand

He said music is the transformation from pain to joy…and I thought man

This guy just explained so much in those words

Like my prayers have finally been heard

It’s ok for me to sing out my song

My lyrics help a day that is long

And I will never actually get to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes here

Still the point of that saying rings true to me, so very clear

I will quit projecting my stuff onto others

Cuz we are all together here, sisters and brothers

And no one person can always read everyone else

We can empathize, still I only know myself

And that is the only one I need to control or work on

Listen,create, and keep my mind strong

I will not take on the negativity of other’s wrath

Let me soak it away in a bubble bath

And for now I finally get to lay down and sleep

In my dreams I will not make a peep

Simply listen and hope there is some fun

Cuz this learning every moment is finally done

Sometimes pure enjoyment is enough for me

Sweet dreams to myself I set the challenge of this day free






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