Some Chase Love

While some run away

The finest gift this life can bring

Can be quit on in just a day

How can there be so much darkness

That the light cannot be seen

Vividly bright and magical

There before you your future queen

The drama of the whole pursuit

Grows tiring and unimpressive

Understanding the game of it all

Begins to form some regrets in

The back of my mind then I catch myself

There is no space to fall

Into the tragedy of letting dark win

Because I believe we can have it all

These modern stories of Once Upon A time

Keep revealing all of these obvious life clues

This magical fairytale twist on my words

Helps me see which path to choose

A man will move mountains for the woman he loves

There is no reason I should make any more efforts

What a fool I have been to think I needed to continue

When he doesn’t feel like this love’s death hurts

Wake up little princess, queen is so far away

Because your fairy dust is not in this land

Stop being both masculine and feminine all of the time

Be a gentle lady and let him kiss my hand

Give my heart to no one and keep my feelings inside

Wearing a heart on my sleeve has left it damaged and wounded

There is only a true love left in me for my son

I have behaved as any average fool did

Fight til the end, live each day as its last

Guess the hero always has to have doubts

Question is, are there really any heroes left

Maybe it is time to get my head out of the clouds




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