Forward Motion

Open up the vibration of emotion

Waves rush in from the Ocean

King Triton appears before a lone poi dancer

His wise deep eyes finally reveal the answer

A love so true it is impossible to destroy

Fight through the worldly view and go forth like the coy

The fire of this dancer illuminates the sky

The salty tears from Triton’s sea stream down his weary eyes

Together they are balance creating a form never been seen

Firelight vividly shining bright behind a wall of water’s sheen

Stand behind the King of seas and eventually her dance grows weary

As she grows weak at the knees he scoops her up sparking a new theory

Every element is charged and the earth is brightened by their uniting

The skies respond with whistling winds and a drum chorus of booming lightning

Root bound trees dance in their stronghold to bow to this great honor

Every animal takes a pause to give this passionate resonance a ponder

Pulsation of two hearts beating rhythmically together booming waves across the lands

Boundless beams of parallel rays radiating from the destiny in their united hands

Electrifying loyal ties inspiring as every moment is a lifetime of love

Water and fire in time will conspire and send the message on a dove

Flying over head there is nothing to dread as the helix of two dance into a spiral of one

Keeping space in between so each individual’s path is still seen in this parallel team run

Connected by fusing forces strong in their own contortions walking side by side

Twist and turn when they need to always taking heed to maintain humility over pride

The king of the sea and the fire dancer of land going forth hand in hand

Creating eruptions that will destroy all corruptions and evoke a master plan

Love is unstoppable through the pain and challenge always find a way to firmly stand strong

Every day is a new opportunity to prevail, even when some seasons feel way too long

Still it is worth every moment of standing behind your waterman

Dancing with fire all the while until he reaches out his hand

Pele's Search For A Home






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