Power Is An Illusion

Full of sadness and confusion

Let the hate and rage subside

There is a bit of crazy in your stride

Look into a mirror before you blame

For years your words have been the same

There are no victims in this life

It was you who chose to become a wife

Revenge is only taking on more pain

An action of feeding your miserable disdain

Realize the hurt you cause your young ones

Words are more vicious than the strongest guns

Move your path to a point of being still

There is always another chance to get your fill

Only when you realize how empty your cup is

Will you finally know who has the power in this

It is only you who can heal yourself

No more blame and no more how you felt

Now is now and the past will only haunt you

Even if the harsh truths are true

So give it up and find your rebearth

Figure out what your precious time is worth

Little one’s involved are seeking pure love

Not to be damaged by your mean shove

Vindictive schemes never go quite right

Leave the negativity to the shadows of the night

They will take away the sad when you admit your part

Please remove the anger you built in your heart

Power is an illusion so set your spirit free

There is hope when you love yourself openly

No form of finger pointing will ever serve your growth

Every single moment is a chance to embrace what means the most




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