Goal of Simple Perfection

Whew…this world can take it out of me

So exhausted from all these daily things I see

Worn out from all the learning and figuring out

Time to let my hair down and go somewhere where I can shout

Jump out of a plane or do something fun

Get out of my mind and start letting my legs run

For now there is an intermission on this play of let’s make it right

Wouldn’t I love to just go out and dance tonight

Get a job, become someone, make a difference while you are here

For God’s sakes man, I am someone, I work, and the difference is my lack of fear

Live each day as if it were my last, and sometimes all I feel like doing is laying low

Know that I finally faced my past, and now I am in the perfect pace of go

One day at a time I keep on keepin on and taking my own advice

Finally got it down to having chocolate as my only vice

Good-ness this is a wild, crazy, mixed up world with varying messages

I am my own leader now and ready to enjoy what I choose, when I choose it, without regrets or fits

When things are no longer a crutch, they sure are fun to partake of every so often

Now that I don’t worry so much, sure is cool to plan some adventures so awesome

Jump off a cliff with a chute and a spliff…sure, one day I think it will happen

Climb to the top of a peak, with enough to live for a week…yes, that is charted on my map n’

I know I will go to a land full of snow, and build an ice cave to stay in for a while

Probably get all that out of my system, so I obtain the wisdom, then end up in my tropical bliss

I am down for retired style of livin’, each day peaceful and forgivin’ of the times I sure did miss

Beach every day is my true desire and the way I know I will enjoy my life in full

Adventures are a pull, but I ain’t no fool…it’s enjoying each day that is really cool

Without a need for a rush, keep left and right brain flush, and know that I get to hear waves

Get a tan on my skin, play in water and skim on a board that is just enough play

Nothing to prove, find the right beach and there is no need to move, get my vibe and my garden all dialed

Tropical treehouse and flowers, nightly fires for hours, outdoor bathtub and shower, my palace is filed

Right next to priority, adventure and travel will always be a part of me, sail across any welcoming sea when it’s right

Laughter the key to every day feeling good, keep things natural and simple like I always knew I could, goals close in sight

Make flower art daily, paint and draw when it feels like play to me, delicious fresh gifts from the earth to turn into beautiful fuel

Love my love and enjoy laughing kids, this is my definition of bliss, ride a horse into a white sand abyss, avoiding any human duel

Remember the beauty of a sunrise, and how it can always please the eyes, while making me feel glad to be alive today

Smile at the sunset’s colors, different daily while dancing for others, there is definitely some magic to the end of the day

Hammock swaying in the warm breeze, love all the greetings from Mimsi’s bees, smell of plumeria sets my soul at ease

You know I got soul singing through my mind, there is always a song inside to find, sing it out lil songbird only yourself to please

Fire raging now that night is here, rest from ocean tossing you around my dear, sand still on my toes and now I’m still

Coconut water all gone, now give me a spoon, time to hear the bravest person’s heartfelt croon, skin feels tight and glad to have gotten it’s sun fill

I got nothin’ to prove, makin’ music that lets me move, no need to be a pro at any of this stuff

Learned this life is just right, gonna sleep good tonight, The simple life is enough





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