Just Right

Come on in and sit a while

Find a meal that makes you smile

Just right

Kick up your feet and have a drink

Choose light conversation or a deep think

Just right

No fuss and no frills, simple health on a plate

Perfect spot to have a comfortable date

Just right

Behind the scenes we are laughing as we go

Enjoying each moment while we find our dance flow

Just right

Move along to your seat and relax, there is no rush

We make each meal with love and plentiful leaves are lush

Just right

Have a smoothie that is silky body healing in a glass

Or a shot of deliciously sweet chlorophyl from wheatgrass

Just right

While we figure out the this’s and that’s of our lives

We all share space while we juggle our forks and our knives

Just right

Enjoy a sweet treat or a savory dish

Coconut water will grant your every wish

Just right

Perspective of life is so clear now, I enjoy what I do

I am simple, and enjoy hosting a comfy space for me and  you

Just right





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