TRusT BuT Be sKepTIcaL

Throw that ignorance into a receptacle

Keep the emotion out of reactions tentacle

Reach down deep still laughing about expectation

There is only myself to rely on in this crazy nation

Loving another holds purpose, not an answer to the equation

Read between the lines without assuming

There either is or there isn’t…no presuming

How steady is that intuition when emotions are consuming

Relax in the madness of this hamster wheel

Yeah right, is that word for real

Hard enough striking the right deal

Enjoying every moment is the ultimate scenario

Even the hurtful stings help me move to the right area

Enough in my account to bounce out of the hysteria

Since when does another bring be down

When I am flying high are there still roots in the ground

Somehow when I scream, it doesn’t make a sound

What is my purpose here as this human being

Perhaps it is to hear or maybe it’s about seeing

Figuring that out is something that has me fleeing

My medicine remains allusive even though I know I am a healer

Seems like my only role til now has been an inspiration dealer

Help them cross the river then step aside and let them become the wheeler

Thinking of everyone else first is beginning to drain my existence

I’m missing some element of doing this right because content still remains at distance

For God sakes man, how much more can I do to break down this eternal resistance

Digging deep inside me to find the things that provide my self sabotage

So badly I will the right scenario for growth while there are bullets I still need to dodge

Question is who is shooting at me all this time don’t they know I’m already a hodge podge

Allow me the space to discover my grace and protect myself with a light bubble

There are dreams to be fulfilled and glorious days to be willed through faith that has suddenly doubled

Keep reaction at bay don’t let a guy distract my way, part of that can just be pure trouble

I may be simple and don’t quote famous scholars

Still I know how to earn my own dollars

And I am smart enough to avoid this planets ballers

Cuz I am holding out for the real deal match

The thing that lets our best self hatch

That moment of this is the batch

So bake and eat it fresh right from the oven

There is enough for all so no pushin or shovin

Not like anyone even reads my words or feels my lovin

Tired of it all leading up to this lust thing

Gettin over these constantly tuggin heart strings

Everything comes at a cost and I don’t need a ring

My life is mine and there is a little guy who needs a role model

Not someone who needs another to be confident enough to put down the bottle

Nurturing, confidence, and faith to learn from and the occasional coddle

So I will trust but be skeptical forever

Fresh new start on this whole life endeavor

No playing dumb, now I know I am clever



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