So hard and so tough

Until I learned I was strong

Keeping my guard up

In case more pain comes along

Crass and abrasive

Holding so much pain

Viewing man’s place of

My source of disdain

Overcoming obstacles

With fists of fury

Tears so unstoppable

Making my whole world blurry

A small glimmer of light

At the end of a long dark tunnel

Suddenly an old flame ignites

Sands of time empty from the funnel

The season of lost love’s woes

Finally ran out of time

Sometimes that’s how it goes

To prove what is yours and is mine

The hourglass flipped to start a new stage

When romance walked right through the door

A man who finally escaped from his cage

Revealed something new for me was in store

Flowers of purple and yellow so bright

My heart finally remembered how to beat

Once again love was the reality in my sight

My mind marveled at the power of this feat

I softened into the lady I once knew

My elegance and tact were restored

The kindness and compassion once again became true

My excitement for life removed what had grown bored

The power of a flower that shifted my state

Blooms a fragrant and vibrant new start

Followed by a long overdue date

Love finally recognized as an art

the stargazer lily


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