Night To Morning

How is it that bliss

Can flip like a switch

Into the depths of darkness

With no warning or last kiss

And he loved another

While they sang to each other

Not so long ago

Is it all just a show

Who is this person

Can this situation worsen

How many lives has he lived

While he broke my family and quit

Now the tears are his own

I am numb and all alone

Should I pick up and leave again

Ready to only have my son as a friend

Never again to look into the eyes

Of someone so full of pain and lies

Why did he keep hitting play

On messages for another’s heart to stay

How could he possibly not get it

And how could she ever forget

Why do men have to have so many prizes

How are they so full of these demises

Turn away from loves true path

Then simply get a new tattoo and laugh

While the lives of others have been trampled

And the soul of another taste death’s sample

Denying the innocence of trust and of love

Illusion of untouchable will be broken with one shove

Actually you just kicked me right out of the threshold

I have no more words or emotion to even scold

And why should I, who am I, your mother

And surely you must know I will soon find another

One who cherishes the me that I am

And understands my son is the plan

You show me nothing with your foolish mistakes

Except how easily a woman’s heart breaks

When a man decides he is the power

Just you wait until your painful hour

You won’t be such a big strong man then

And who will hold you up when that fall begins

Take your lies of saving and searching for you to your grave

There is nothing left here for you to save

Go and love your big ego and lame girls

While someone else finally gives me a whirl

You think you are the only prize on this planet

Go fuck yourself and see how great you have it

I take that back cuz my anger is gone

Time for me now I embrace my own song





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