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One day I am for you one day I am for me

Every experience shapes these new words I scribble

Sometimes they are poignant, sometimes emotional dribble

What happened today…I document as I learn

Was it a fiery art piece or a painful spark turned to burn

Am I this way or that way, describing my muse

Or completely distracted cuz he burnt out my fuse

Is there more to life than observing these moments

Let me know if you find out cuz for me this is the key component

There is nothing more powerful than walking in love with my man

Sometimes I wish I were complacent and entertained every fan

Just bouncing through life living up every whim

Then I realized that would make me as shallow as him

Believing the lie that we take what we want

Without having regard for the love right in front

So I learn to forgive and engage in a fire ceremony

Still this pain in my heart wondering if it is all phony

And I document the pain on a card to speak my truth

So completely polite, anger at bay, staying couth

Execution of verbage poignant, clear, and concise

He has no leg to stand on when he keeps tossing the dice

Still he resists this loves grandeur and leaves to love another girl

Constantly stepping out to let his power struggle unfurl

Then he finally saw it when his emotions became real

I attempted to walk away but there is no denying how I feel

Acknowledging the pettiness in not loving myself

Now I saw it in this hero who put his own heart on a shelf

Speaking words of emptiness for more years than he knew

And everything gushing out now while he sees what does ring true

It is possible I will always be rowing this gondola taking others to safety

Helping another cross a river and hoping one day a shore will take me

In my heart I know that I may never get to land

Still my faith requires me to reach out that helping hand

Even if for moments of bliss I cost myself my heart

The dreamer inside me lets me live awaiting this new start

Confidently I take action and see the faithful path I walk

Sometimes I really wish it didn’t require me to talk

Take the high road, don’t be petty, and let the other live

Somehow when I look inside there is still much love to give

Documenting all these changing moments

Helps me see wherein lies my focus

Fascinated that these factors never could have broke us



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