Snake DNA

If the double helix

Is a map for our bodies makeup

Long enough to wrap the earth 5 million times

Don’t quite get how much of our body that should take up

If the trees are this map

To the secrets of how it all began

Chemically combined with the secrets of trees

Only whispered to shamans from the soul of the land

If the mystery begins

When I get to consume this potion

And the whole world tells me her story

About how we got here and why we are in motion

If the Snake is my dna

Then what the heck does that mean

Sign me up for the experience and definition

Cuz somehow there is another level of mind I am seeing

Focused so much on dramas

Has exhausted the emotions of my soul

I am ready to move onto something to expand my mind

Find my purpose and my medicine on this journey with a goal





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