It Is OK

To go a little slower

To feel a little knower

To see the world new

Completely different view

To share the real deal truth

To keep a little vemouth

In case that soggy bit needs to dry

Don’t let know smoke get in your eye

Often there is a game I feel I should be playing

I don’t need to compete, only to keep from staying

There is all but one person who knows me
Funny how myself can be so hard to see

Really there is no reality

So how can I claim leadership ability

It is all OK when knowone is looking

Confess all to a person whom I am booking

Except this time it isn’t on a lucky horse

There are coaches along this game of life’s course

And lucky for me I can take a lil direction

Cuz after a while I crave some mental affection

All this beating myself up stuff is old baggage I let go

Dicipated into the sky and turned into a new rainbow

So shine those colors bright and know i get to knowenough

Good thing the sweet is back in me cuz I am tired of being tough




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