Lightning Take Me Home

Finally it’s all making sense

I can lower down my defense

Every connection gets to be positive

This is what it feels like to truly live

Seeing something to enjoy in each lil moment

Every person sharing some growth component

Music booming through each wave of my atmosphere

Community of friendships help me move past my fear

We all communicate sometimes accidentally hurting each other

No looking back cuz intent shows how we earn sister and brother

It’s all the simple times with good folks that make this dance of life a show

Documenting each other’s whacky because we’ll laugh later at this rad flow

The connection of love at a distance where the home is wherever I am with you

The knowing my little one is snuggled up cozy and we get to share this life too

So the lightning brought me home she led me down mountain roads for many hours

Brilliant illumination of the sky as she wisely conveyed true content and loves powers

When so many good vibes are wigglin’ around and there is so much good to see in every sense

The lighting comes around brightening the dark sky and illuminates my soul with her presence

lightning cpc20r


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