Why Slow Down

If there is quicksand all around

What is the point of spreading it out

When 2 feet won’t even stay on the ground

Share adventures with a little one in bliss

To remember where the good in human’s exists

Experience that sincere kindness in a cheek kiss

My belly just won’t seem to get full

My body is tired but screaming to be worked

My mind has no place to rest in this hollow skull


How many times do I need to be the punching bag

For humans around me that are scared and insecure

I will never receive insults of incompetence or hag

In this life there are so many ways to epicure

A song from a brother that I don’t want to hear

As I explore why, I realize the answer is simple

Someone who never wanted me to stay very near

Is not a true friend, but rather a cause of a pimple

What’s with the cool images portrayed

By all these boys who are delayed

Who is everyone really fooling

With their socio-statistical drooling

How did I end up on this planet of confusion

When I am meant to bring positivities infusion

If I chose this, I must be up for the hugest challenge

Maybe it’s time I simplified these interactions with balance

No more everyone is welcome

If I have to hurt from the outcome

I can see the good in all

Still won’t surround myself with those waiting for me to fall

Even if they are cleverly disguised as family to be

Recognize the true nature of those who don’t embrace me

Everyone has such a fucking agenda

Their ego blown up by other people’s attention

If he approves then I must be doing something right

Now to make sure that I am the one he thinks of at night

How many freaking people have you programmed that into

Now I am left with the sticky, sloppy mental residue

If I choose to take this path

I keep avoiding all the math

Cuz it still just doesn’t quite add up

Sounds good for the moment, still an empty cup

It’s all words and a game for most

I wish I wasn’t viewed as such a ghost

Respect is something only I can hold for me

Don’t take it personal and keep it free

Still certain pains haunt my moving forward

Left in the street outside the show showered in cold word

Must have been a girl inside who you had to protect

Must not have been cool enough for you so your brother hit reject

Good Lord, give me a man who can think for himself now

Who doesn’t tell someone you don’t understand to lift up his own brow

Guess I finally reached a point where I am through with the bullshit

Looking only for any connections that are legit

Is it possible with a partner, a job, or another human

I’m not sure cuz this beef needs way more cumin

Almost embarrassing to just hear so much out

Feeling like the only way to be heard is to shout

Just cuz I’m nice sure doesn’t mean I am stupid

Don’t want to battle a mom who is so far from cupid

So often easier to just ride this all out alone

At least then I don’t get shit on in my own little zone

How many times will I let my son and I get ditched

Or listen to bad advice about just getting hitched

How many manager’s are going to talk down to me

Trying to say how I am not performing well personally

How many people are going to tell me what I should do

When you couldn’t pay me to live life in their shoes

When will everyone just accept me the way I accept me

That isn’t life, Michele, don’t you see?

It is like this big giant petri dish of challenge reproducing

Rapidly filling a space in without taking time for the new things

Is there anybody out there who will hear my story

Probably not because it isn’t porn dashed with gory

Fuck this planetary darkness that keeps breeding the insecure

If I am alone this whole existence then so be it cuz I’m hunting the cure

I will never dull my blade, for this sword is destined to protect the innocent

Keep charging forward in my ways and embrace the time that already went

Moving closer to peace of mind

Which is only for me to find

What others do is what they do

I am free from their drama too

Only genuine hearts will stay connected

Keep your agendas in that slot of rejected

You have a brilliant plan for my life to be perfect?

As long as it serves you and betters your life…is it worth it?

Since when do people think I am some kind of fool?

Don’t mistake nice for not understanding your tool.

I am not persuaded or pressured into someone else’s path

Don’t keep poking at me or you will soon feel my wrath

Maybe I am forgiving, kind, and don’t speak of most that I know

Still I guard my son and I no matter the content of your show

I am up against this wall of choices that don’t have the best option

Standing next to bloodsucking humans with no concept of shaman

Everyone throwing words into the air cuz they sound exciting

Don’t wait for a card in the mail cuz there is no one inviting

This is up to you to find a path of your own

Quit asking every direction to be shown

Find it yourself or you will be thrown

Why slow down, it is you who has grown

Don’t look back it is time to move on

Get my voice back and keep singing my song

All who dislike my presence can enjoy their disdain

Revel in victory for their new spacial gain

Then go back to instant misery wondering why that didn’t solve it

But I blamed her for everything, she took him and that is why he quit

Oh but wait, we are all accountable for ourselves

Promote yourself to santa you fucking lazy worker elves

Or don’t and learn to enjoy each labour of love you create

You decide if it is written or all up to fate

How many horoscopes will you believe and from what source

Every person thinks they are right, of course!

Don’t be such a seeker you buy into all that is said

Listening to person after person will spin your head

Why slow down when there isn’t more to see here

The same cycle of broken everything so hard to be here

When will I finally get that AHA feeling of this is my path now

Have I used up all my faith and now I’m left without a vow?

Why slow down when there is no one who will slow down too

Sick of being the only one crouched down to tie this shoe

This battle is never ending

And I am tired of pretending

That people care about me

When it is very clear to see

That it’s all what’s in it for them

How can I serve their life then

And if I am making changes

They will surely make  rearranges

In the areas that make them happy

Disguised as this clever plan for me

Why slow down for this drama

There is no more time for this trauma

Noone slows down for me

It is very clear to see

So why keep making all these efforts every day

When noone even hears what it is I say

Screaming in this glass room for way too long

If only people really knew the truth about strong

Why slow down

At all






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