Every strand it’s own animal.

Wiry. Frizzy. Curly. Frayed.

Twist up most of it and clip it on top of my head.

Heavy. Uneven. Here we go.

Now it is time to embark on an hour and a half long journey.

Quiet. Focused. Steady.

Taking a tiny patch at a time, I place a scorching hot iron against my scalp.

Risky. Tedious. Vanity.

In a single, smooth stroke, I begin to flatten out the wooly blanket of hair on my head.

Transforming. Rhythmic. Endeavor.

Going over every piece as many times as it takes to create a smooth, cohesive head of shiny straight hair.

Redefining. Reshaping. Renewing.

When it is done, I get to brush it and feel the incredible comfort of a hairbrush against my head…pure satisfaction.




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