Playing Catch-Up

How many times will I skip steps?

Then have to catch up.

How many assumptions have steered me to stay too quiet?

Then I have to catch up.

Why do I put things off until the last second?

Then think it will be ok to just catch up.

How come that silly Pulp Fiction joke is so funny?

When the mama tomato tells the little one to catch-up.

Is there really any such thing as falling behind?

Then having to catch up.

What if it is all just perfect as it is and this whole racing around thing is for everyone else?

And I don’t really have to catch up.

Maybe it is just time to realize I am already there.

There is no such thing as catching up.

If I was literally to “catch up”



Intercept and hold (something that has been thrown, propelled, or dropped).


Toward the sky or a higher position.


Then I would intercept and hold the sky or a higher position…

So from now on, when I need to catch up,

I will go skyfly.

Skydive 4Way


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