Step Up And Say It

Communicate the thoughts of my mind

All the while remaining kind

Ahimsa; harm no one

Speak my truth while having fun

There is only good to come of releasing the bad

Falling apart is one of the best lessons I ever had

Reaching a place where there is no one to blame

Realizing we are beautifully imperfect and there is no shame

Taking my space back so that a new door may open

Action is what I have lacked as I simply sat around hopin’

Now as I watch my life turn into this beautiful dream come true

I wonder what to put on my vision board to create my next “new”

Once that confidence set in I decided it will never leave

Even when times are hard it is my duty to still believe

What if everything is amazing and it all works out even better than imagined

I have faith that is the case from now on in all this action

Step up and say it with my heart, speaking of feeling and expressing a need

Eliminate judgement or reprimanding so that there is positivity in that seed

Be it ever so small remember one day, that seed will grow into the tallest tree

Now there is hope in every moment because I finally realized how to simply be me



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