Squashing Assumption

Takes a whole lotta gumption

Cuz its in that crazy where I felt so smart

Now it is all a brand new start

Quit the I know and the figuring it out

See the paranoia and let myself shout

Deny the need to become a recluse

Dance through the day and cut my thoughts loose

There is no denying the feeling like today is the end

Cuz any moment it could be no need to pretend

Instead of having it scare me into a dark corner

I’m gunna what if the good stuff and place my life order

To start I’ll take a hot fudge sunday with a large fry

Then I’ll have an airplane elevate me to jump out into the sky

For dessert I’ll take a knowing of how to control these thoughts

My after dinner cocktail will be a swirling mess of anger caught

Instead of drinking up the darkness, I’m gunna pour it down the drain

Then I will use my hands to help others release their disdain

Usually it all boils down to learning to love me just as I am

Same story every flowem Cuz this is where I currently stand

As I grow and grow my branches hold stronger with each and every day

All of these different compartments in my brain are finally seeing they have a say

Imagine how amazing i can make this now that I function with some clarity

Now I know I can hold my own and none of these conversations are empathic charity

Only have to think about my own intention cuz I can never control another

Trust but be skeptical, take care of me, and embrace the good in every other

Identify the dark and don’t justify when those dark limbs attempt to latch right on

I don’t have to let that in and I am standing completely strong

I never know what is in another person’s mind

It isn’t even for me to figure out, it is purely theirs to find

Helping is when I am actually contributing according to my purpose here

I will figure that out eventually, for now my toes are on the wheel to steer

Need my hands creating every moment and cannot be bothered with mundane

How funny it took me so long to realize how functional it is to be insane



  1. In a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction





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