Growing Into A Family

Plant a tree

So it may grow

Right by the sea

So the wind will know

Refresh the earth

With enriched soil

Carefully water first

Sense the roots beneath uncoil

Simple directions

Beautiful plan

Unknown affections

Ready to bless my hand

Hike to the very edge

Of the most beautiful cliff, Jade cove

Dig a whole for the tree to wedge

Who knew it would be a treasure trove

Off collecting pine needles and sticks

Suddenly my two men called for me

We found something so hurry quick

Rushing back I wondered what it could be

Look right there they said as they pointed

There before me was a small black treasure box

The love in my heart left my body anointed

With the blissful delight this moment had unlocked

My person there before me on his knees

My son with a proud stance and new arrowhead

Tearfully sincere words blowing my way on the breeze

A my man declared this family finally gets to be wed

Beauty beyond compare surrounding my whole world

From the sea, to our tree, to our love

Alas, the perfect moment of heart’s desire unfurled

That compass points to the blessing from above

Now my boy is dancing and singing about his new dad

And I am spinning circles and prancing in this dream

My man is running from the charge our love has had

We step to the edge of the cliff to let out a joyous scream

What a blessing to grow into a family

Right there in that moment of truth and heart

My fairy tale has finally come to me

And there is content as we make our new start



Photo By: Bent Fork



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