When Did I Stop Paying Attention

Think back to the day

When pop-culture was my way

Guess it was 7 years ago

When I decided there were other things I wanted to know

Said goodbye to TV and Hollywood

That stuff wasn’t doin’ me any good

Who am I am why am I here

What are the things I truly revere

Then a little guy came along

And had me singing a whole new song

Then I detached from everything

Raised a little person and let myself sing

Suddenly he has become a little boy

Now he is entertained by all his toys

Never cared much for politics

Much more interested in what makes people tick

Came out of a coma and heard a tock

Finally realized I have to look at the clock

Keep track of what is going on

So I could find where I really do belong

Been living through energy my whole life through

There is more to life than who is in charge of me and you

Because in my world we are in charge of ourselves

There isn’t a power struggle when I don’t compete with everyone else

We all get to live the life we choose

Built on a society of sex drugs and booze

What if it is as simple as do what makes you smile

Sit still and watch the grass grow for a while

Let the rain fall without measuring it’s potential

Feel the beauty of lightning without it being torrential

See the downpour of progress when we are vulnerable to others

Recognize the gift of sisters and brothers

Keep the faith in love and it found me

Stop worrying about convincing everyone I am free

Focus on the art that makes my world beautiful

Know it is ok to enjoy what others find dull

There is a sparkle in the every day stuff

Even if there is no adventure it is still enough

Conversate without feeling doom and gloom

Enjoy the emptiness of a minimal room

Ready to get up and go at any moment

Confidence is the key component

Judge no one, not even myself

Take my brain off that dusty shelf

Learn the things that interest me most

Embrace being seen instead of a ghost

Remember the progress I have made is perfect as is

There is no no no need to say look at this

Those who look will see what they want

Those who find there own way don’t have to front

I am curious how people know so many bands

Or understand how to do so much with their hands

There are so many gifted artists spreading their message in silence

Without a statement of what’s wrong or any crazy violence

There is a power in asking questions and listening

No requirement for any religious christening

And if I study what humans did in the past

Will I suddenly have the key to save my own ass

What if we are meant to just do our thing

With no concern for the right or left wing

We each have two wings of our own

Holding great power without need for a throne

Existing is enough to find contentment

Who taught us to hold on to all this resentment

It was better back then, and oh how times were so simple and free

Yeah right, every genre has their own version of adversity

When is it going to be enough to just do our best and enjoy

Right now is the answer cuz birth was the vessel’s deploy

I wonder what I stopped paying attention to

What if the secret is just do what you do

Nevermind the news and horror stories

They just keep getting more and more gory

And the pop culture makes my stomach turn

How could lemmings actually help me learn

Unless the case study is insecurity and status

OK, wait, maybe I have only seen the bad bits

There is good in some of that stuff that is out there

Don’t have to listen to the one’s that chose not to care

Sheltered myself from the storm that almost took me

Time to be reborn now that I feel the opportunity

That crazy little cocoon gave me serious claustrophobia

Butterfly wings grew when they weren’t blasted by media

Maybe paying attention to only my heart

Was the way I had to get my start

And I am a late bloomer, there is no doubt

Helped me create a stem strong and stout

Now there is enough support for a whole bunch of new blooms

Healthy leaves and a whole lotta room

Space for growth and for drawing in bees

Embrace the heart of love down on it’s knees

Complete the cycle of life in due time

For now the stage of my life is it’s prime

Not gunna wait til I’m 50 to “get it”

This IS the good stuff and my word is my own bit

Wonder if I actually started paying attention

When I stopped listening to what others mentioned

Perhaps my role here isn’t to do what everyone else does

Just cuz this machine has us convinced that’s what serves us

What if paying attention is simply being myself and doing what makes me smile

I believe that is the case, it just took me a while

So simple and apparently tribal and primal by nature

Appreciate mountains but I am more like a glacier

What you see is just the tip of the iceberg

The depths are unseen and almost never heard

The shallows are there too, just not what I am proud of

Every human is capable of completely superficial love

Sometimes those are the ones I get to learn from

Now it is my peace of mind that has finally come

Sit back and relax just enjoy the ride that I am on

Stop judging others and remember to sing my song

It doesn’t matter that we all see things differently

What matters is that you love you and I love me

That is the stage when we get to finally share light

I pay attention and I love the words I get to write





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