Another Year Flew By

How fast it all goes

Where it stops, no one knows

When it started I didn’t know a thing

Taking notes about this little chicken wing

Little people running around without a care

All friends with each other, no judgement there

Short ninjas and princesses all craving treats

Swinging at a piñata ready to collect sweets

Redemption of a new year and a broken heart mended

Couldn’t make it smooth as silk, even when I pretended

As the year was flying by, my dream came flying in

Suddenly I’m not alone while this new stage begins

Now these little folks buzz around playing

Teaching me the beauty of each word we are saying

As we celebrate this incredible gift of a human being

Our family has bonded and pure beauty is what I am seeing

Amazing young person who has the gift of light

Being in his very presence brings about pure delight

Exceptionally inspiring person who warms the heart of many

See the world through his eyes and love will always be plenty

Another year brought something I never would have guessed

Every day I go to sleep knowing that I am truly blessed



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