Walking On 1000 Legs

Using antennae to find your way around

Sense the dark and feel the light

Moving like liquid across rocks

There is always enough space

For finding another path along the way

And maybe it doesn’t look like it used to

But there is a different shine in what seems to glisten

Always have that opportunity to revisit

The things that used to seem like a lifestyle

Sometimes it will be fun

And sometimes it will make me question

Every choice I have ever made

Gotta be lost before I could find my way

1000 legs don’t necessarily make you move any faster

Spread the love and the good stuff

Knowing that every single moment is an opportunity

To enjoy the details

Of what is right in front of my eyes

Curl into the spiral of life to defend what needs defending

Lengthen to the fullest extent to reach new dreams

Slow down long enough to hear a cricket

Your conscience will be your guide






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