The Best Summer Day Ever

Hello. My name is Mikah. I would like to introduce you to this log. So, the first chapter we begin at the first chapter when I was a baby…and I bet when i was a baby I was like, BAM…asleep. Cuz one thing I know about babies is that they like to go to sleep when they are first born. So, anyway, I turned six like a week ago…I used to be 5. Before I was 5 I used to be 4, when I was 4 I used to be 3, when I was 3 I used to be 2, when I was 2 I used to be 1, when I was one I used to be 0.

So, anyway, when I was a baby I used to be having so much fun…but one thing…I do not remember what it was like when I was a baby. But, my mom, that is right next to me writing all of this, she can help me remember. So, anyway, when I was a baby, I bet I could go to sleep just with one tip of my eye closing, I would be passed out. That’s how it is when I am 6. One thing, until I growed to 1, which is pretty simple, I just turned out to be 6 last May 10th. Now I am going to be 7.


angry birds star wars


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