Turn It Into Opportunity

Getting so worn out my body has to rest

Drives me a little bananas

Never ending amount of things to do learn and see

Meanwhile I’m flat as a pancake with my hair in a bandana

Laying there while the whole world moves around

There are a million things I could be doing

Now I must enjoy the rest I get to have

Positivity is what I am pursuing

If I am meant to lay and be

Then that is the place for me

Any doubt that may leak in

Will be immediately ended before it can begin

Watch a movie and make some soup

Allow myself to fully recoup

Where did the function of my mind go

Guess it got put on hold til I ain’t movin so slow

How many hot baths can I take in one day

The real answer is in hot water I could surely stay

My little guy says he could sleep all spring

I have to agree with that ninja chicken wing

It can’t be just us thinking we need so much rest

I believe there are allergies and colds putting us to the test

Turn it into an opportunity and get the body back on track

Tomorrow I will have the energy to pick up the slack





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