It is right here

In front of my eyes

Or in my head

Cleverly disguised

Distracted by thoughts

Composed with fear

For someone so brave

The insecurity is clear

Willing to do whatever it takes

For everyone else

Complicating and over-thinking

When there are only 7 cards dealt

Either you know how to count the cards

Or you don’t

With a constant willing for change

There is hardly ever a won’t

Did I do enough

Up until this point

Is there anything I have missed

Facts requesting a brain to anoint

In one ear and out the other

Only the stuff that doesn’t make sense

Time has no place of relevance to me

Quality of each moment is way too dense

Part of me wants to retain it all

While the other parts dance, sing, and play

When I crumble please don’t catch my fall

Cuz reaching bottom is the only way

Now pull up those bootstraps

Quit focusing on cash

Live it all like a bash

Let the thoughts swirl

Makes my toes curl

Cold on the ground

Body spins right around

Turn a 180

From a whore to a lady

Good thing I like to spin

Cuz there’s a bit of all that within

Many different words for crazy

Better than bein’ fat and lazy

At least my mind is workin’

How many senses are you jerkin’

Sell your self short by fittin’ in

My world’s uniquely modifyin’

Definitions that hardly matter

Climbin’ an endless learning ladder

We are all right in our own way

Eye for an eye blinding only those who stay

I move past the blocks that don’t serve me

You may see failure, but I see a beauty

The safety in all these pieces of paper

Is as phony as a fool who would rape her

Actually paper has turned to energy in a chip

And that attack was her moment to slip

Gotta experience the reality of survival

To fight off the losers giving a bad name to primal

And if this all only exists on a computer

Then there is no need for an economic suture

Sew up the torn heart of a woman attacked

There is no amount of perfection she lacked

Fuck the persecutors praying on the ants

And fuck the guy who forced down her pants

Comparing this disgust with the fiscal disaster

You bet your ass…it is the good life I am after

One that is simple and requires no what if

A life of “I will” it and poof, there it is

Keep the crazies coming cuz they make all the changes

Put up with their quirks cuz this world rearranges

You never know who is gunna run this shit

So watch your fucking mouth cuz auras are legit

Funny, cuz so is some of the chaos

Even some of those that betray us

Without the evil there would be no fight

Then where would we use all this intellectual might

Lord of the Flies, better hope your not Piggy

Unless you want to be the shift that exposes the Icky

Let the conch be blown by the leaders of love

Sounds cheesy and woo-woo unless you’ve drifted above

Your own body

Recognize the haughty

No I am not better than any

Never claiming I’m exempt from the many

Only know what it is to talk to a tree

Just as easily as a westside homie

Cuz the masses are intrigued by one way

For us crazies there will never come that day

It is all intriguing

Major leaguing

Or a seat on the bench

Spoiled princess or wench

Does it matter

All of our brains can splatter

Maybe you won this round

Whose feet are on the ground

If your ego has you gloating

And my spirit has me floating

What is the difference in vibe

Both are positive so unite the tribe

There it is again…what the hell

Where is my place to serve that well

When the wind asks I do my best

To completely fulfill her request

That voice of the masses put into a motion

Stop and feel the words to understand the commotion

Experience as much as this body can handle

Open mind lighting up my own candle

Searching and reading and making a plan

Used to be about revenge to those they call man

Was ready to soak up every cent I could muster

Would have required time with lame ass busters

Could have blocked my broken and come up on top

Then this lil angel told me it was better to stop

As cool as that bullshit all seemed

It was time to realize my own dream

Find the good times in being a chameleon

Without getting caught up in TV’s version of healing and

Decorate myself with feathers while I pray

Then a lil black dress so my high heels can stay

Enjoy moving through a big city

It has it’s own version of pretty

Love those mountains who gather the rain

Beauty in each element, complex or plain

Get  a little taste of every direction

Dancing around perfect in my imperfection

Bits of anger and rage seep out at times

Energetic peace also riddles my rhymes

Dichotomy ought to be my new name

My legacy will never be the same

Going from a river crossing to the color of the earth

Yin and Yang keep on earning their worth

So maybe this flowetry

Shows a bit of goetry

In a new direction

Unorganized perfection

Let the mess sit still

Acquire the careless skill

To go with the flow

Always know

The complexity of my mind is here to stay

Find ways to make it simple in any way

Embrace the genius inside the monster of complex

Know this is a gift, not the world proclaimed hex

Never tell ’em the way it really goes

When another gets it, they just know

Eye connection is the only necessary communication

To understand each other no matter what nation

So stop and listen with my heart

Ready for this moment’s new start



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