Say It Out Loud

Quit being so proud

Oh wait…I’m no quitter

Mind fuct over a crazy splitter

Who knew I could throw like that

Let that ball go and listen to the splat

Always hopin’ it’s hittin’ a catcher’s mitt

Don’t want that batter to get a homerun hit

Noone scores on me when I throw down that shit

Oh wait…I’m not supposed to always be so proud

Embrace the ball hittin’, that bat crackin’ loud

Not to be confused with other’s should win

While I sit waiting for my glory to begin

Remember I’ve got this, I get myself

Taking my own self off a shelf

And then suddenly

It is just you and me

That fucked up dichotomy

Battling the two within I see

Are they real or is this a fuct dream

How come I want to FUCKING SCREAM

Ok, so grab a pillow

Then get back to bein’ mellow

Don’t make it about any kind of fellow

Let that shit melt away like some cherry jello

Yeah I said cherry

So I appreciate a ripe berry

Just don’t throw it in my face scary

Cuz there is opportunity in every dare we

Never say


Sometimes hate

Is there really fate

Maybe a chosen date

I don’t want to care anymore

I just want to hit a homer and score

Make it easy and embrace the small bore

With my slow progress

Acknowledge NO regress

Open up and finally confess

There is a real fucking contest

When pride is abundant

I know this shit is redundant

Let’s just say I am no incumbent

How about not yet cuz I will find my post

Leading with my heart and truth without boast

Drop all the guessing and let faith be my only host

Create a diversion for the bullshit, no longer a ghost

It is good to be seen

Ok to beat another team

Victory allows me to glean

Cuz I thirst for that knowledge

Not just the kind I get from college

More about what makes humans solid

Except that we are all moving matter

Energy swirling in a fit of DNA laughter

Calm down the noise of  my mindless chatter

Focus on the fact that my me is the one

Capable of mayhem, capable of endless fun

Moving through the world with my zipper undone

Yeah, I busted that thing open

Super tight jeans still I was hopin’

That I could suck it in all day so thin

Got exhausted of holding everything in

Didn’t give a shit when that zipper popped

Laughed out loud and my yellow ego dropped

Let it all out and feel proud that I can be so lost

Share my vulnerable truth no matter what it cost

Then to my surprise

It was not my demise

Actually won me a prize

Guess I gained a whole size

It’s ok to put on a little weight

When my heart’s the precious freight

As all that blood rushed through my veins

I felt so proud taking back my own loose reins

No need to slither back into a shed skin

Totally fine to let another look in

Put down the gloves gently

That can hurt evidently

Love being past it all

Ok to slip and fall

say it loud







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